Fresh Start
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Fresh Start

I have a funny story to tell you about when I first moved to Medicine Hat in 2006.  No one knew me as I didn’t have any roots in this city.

I would read the newspaper and watch Cable 10 to learn about the community.

Because of this I learned about an upcoming musical concert that was to be held at the Cultural Center so I purchased a ticket and decided to have some fun.

Before the concert and during intermission, attendees flocked to the lobby to visit and enjoy a cocktail while viewing the items on display for the silent auction.  I would boldly walk up to a group and being chatting as those I knew everyone.  There reactions were surprising.  They would speak in a friendly manner and act as though they knew me!

I remember asking one man “How was your week?” and he began telling me about how concerned he was with the ill health of his mother.

In another group was a man who was a former radio announcer.  I had watched a program on cable where he had sung many jazz classics.  I commented on how much I enjoyed his rendition of “Slipping Around”.  He welcomed the comments and I really don’t think he caught on that I had not attended the concert in person.

Throughout the evening, not one person asked me who I was.  I could just be whoever I wanted!

As time passed, however, I became more well-known in the city and couldn’t do this fun little social experiment anymore.

Well, we are all standing on the threshold of a brand new year.  No one knows exactly what it holds for us and even though some people might have pre-conceived ideas of who you are, 2023 offers you an opportunity to enter in a brand new way.  You can be whoever you want!

I remember when my children were young and ready for their first day of school I would say “This is a new scribbler for you and you can write anything you want in it”.

What are the things that you are going to write in the new year?   Are you going to slide into old habits that prevent you from becoming healthier, happier and more open to others?  Or are you going into the future with the idea that you can be anyone you wish to be

Now I know that there are some limitations when it comes to making change.  Your family might think that they know you with all your warts and bumps. But you can prove that those are things of the past and teach them that you are on a new path

You might feel limited by health problems or financial stress but you can still choose to have a good attitude.  Often the people who inspire me the most are those who appear to have nothing going for them but are filled with hope and positivity

Recently I received a beautiful long message from a good friend in Medicine Hat.  She wrote that after reading my articles for years, she has figured out the theme of my columns which is that we all have “choices”.  I will take this a little further and say that if we want positive Change, we need to Choose and Control things that will avoid Chaos and result in a life of Calm.

So, are you ready to introduce the new you to the world?  Will you feel like you are writing whatever you want in that new scribbler?

The choice is yours!

Happy New Year, everyone!

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