For These Things We Give Thanks
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For These Things We Give Thanks

So often in life we complain about things that are really of no consequences. When we do give thanks, our gratitude is usually limited or tied to pleas for more blessings to be given to us.

Genuine thanks includes the daily occurrences that we often take for granted and these are honoured when they occur with positive thoughts and a warm heart.

This Thanksgiving, let us focus on the little pleasures that make life so comfortable and pleasant:

A kind friend. The first bite of a favourite recipe. A soft pillow under a tired head. Peace. The fresh smell after the rain. Finding some money in the pocket of an old coat. Good advice at exactly the right moment. Finding a parking spot on a tiring day. The smell of baking bread.

Sun rising in the morning. A beautiful sunset. Passing a difficult exam. Snowflakes on your tongue. Technology that works. Unconditional love. Health. A letter from a friend. The wag of your dog's tail when you arrive home.

An outfit that fits. Visiting an interesting city. An unexpected refund. Completing a project. A brisk walk.

Libraries filled with good books. A freshly-cleaned vehicle. Knowing you are safe. Pleasant co-workers. A cold drink on a hot day. A gentleman who holds the door for you.

Nature. Holding hands. A warm blanket. The smile of a stranger. Genuine compliments.

Feeling you have purpose. A good joke. Excellent customer service. A child's accomplishment.

Prayer. A comfortable chair. Good news. Inspiring music. Freedom.

Learning a new skill. Sharing a cookie. Bright colours. Quiet nights.

A fun board game. Unexpected thanks. Respect. Good memories. Toilet paper. Poetry.

Holidays. Interesting shopping. Opportunities to choose. Elastics. People who work in serving organizations. Beautiful parks. Washing machines. Freedom of the press. Transportation.

Both old and new recipes. Children. International flights. Electricity. A good conversation with an intelligent person. Mirrors. Clean water.

Plentiful food. iPhones. Past challenges that resulted in strength. Family support. Paved highways. The song of a bird on a lazy afternoon. Sharing ideas. The smell of freshly-washed hair.

New potatoes from the garden. Unwrapping a gift. Getting a good mark on a test. Laughter in a dentist's office. Good health. Mittens. Attending a live concert.

Being able to trust a leader. Trying on hats in a store. Dancing. Making a wish while throwing a coin in a fountain. Fireworks. Talking about things learned as a child.

Kissing someone who you love (and being kissed back). Walking barefoot in the grass. Watching a pet chase its tail. Business cards. Lighting candles just for ambience. Fancy napkins.

Good crying. Whispering a secret. Helping someone who appreciates you.

Giving a donation "just because". Drawing a picture. Drive-throughs. Finding a bathroom (just in time). Hand lotion. Institutions of learning. Photo albums. Calculators.

A good self-image. Parades. Hair stylists. Flowers. Planning a wonderful adventure.

Hope. The person who created "Thanksgiving Day".

The list ends only if you allow it to end but can also be expanded without limit.

Have a gentle and memorable long weekend!

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