Finding Balance
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Finding Balance

Often, I hear people tell me that they wish they could find balance for their life.  That could mean a number of things.  Perhaps some would include establishing a routine that allows them to balance sleep with activity.  It might be balancing work and leisure or personal time with family time

Although balance is a part of all of these things, there are a number of larger categories that need to be considered in order to have balance.  This week we will examine the categories and have you think about areas where you might need to invest time and energy.

  1. Physical – Recently I decided to work in this area. Because I am just under 5 feet in height and enjoy desserts, every single ounce seems to show up!  The weather is nice, and walking is a much better choice for me than anything else.  So, I purchased a pedometer and made a commitment that every day I will walk at least one step more than the previous day.  No gym membership, special equipment or trainer fees!  Just self-motivation!
  2. Financial – Is your budget balanced? That means that you know exactly how much money you have as income each month and exactly where it is spent.  Remember to save some for emergencies and the future.  Those who spend less than they earn also have less stress than those who depend on plastic to buy beyond their needs.
  3. Relational – If you have a deficit in this area, your loneliness might lead you into making poor choices. Using substances, overeating or hanging out with negative people will not fill the emptiness.  One of the best ways to make a friend is to find an interest that other people share.  Join a choir, take out a membership in a group, attend a church or start volunteering for a cause in which you believe.
  4. Spiritual – Those who don’t have faith in something bigger than themselves face a lot of pressure. They have to take on responsibility for everything and never really get to relax and enjoy the “unexplained” in the form of miracles.
  5. Mental – Have you been avoiding issues that prevent you from being your best self? Perhaps you have always had a secret dream to learn a new skill or challenge your mind to become proficient in an area but have let fear or procrastination stop you. No better time than now to make a plan and move forward.
  6. Emotional – Are there things that you need to say to yourself or others that you have neglected? There isn’t much worse than the regret that comes with not telling someone how much they mean to you until it is too late.  Whether it is mad, sad or glad, emotions need to be acknowledged and dealt with or like a beachball being held under water, they will pop up – usually at an awkward moment.
  7. Personal – The busyness of life can steal from times of regeneration. Just sitting outside without any activities or projects can restore your soul and remind you to give thanks.  What are the things that you used to enjoy but no longer participate in?  Time to refresh!

We all know what happens when we have one flat tire on a vehicle.  I have listed seven different areas of life that can also lead to a bumpy trip if one is over-inflated, and another is empty.

Balance allows us to feel stable and have a smooth ride.

What do you need to do in your life to find balance?  No better time than today to take action.

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