Face the Fear!
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Face the Fear!

Fear can be a very crippling emotion. It can lead to anxiety, worry and inactivity. The best way to deal with it, however, is to face it and take action.

Are you afraid of any of the following:

1. Death - Because we really don't have any answers or evidence of exactly what will occur once the body has died, it is easy for our minds to spend a lot of time trying to figure it out. Good luck with that! No matter how much time you invest into this, you won't get a perfect answer. Instead focus your attention on things you can control and enjoy.

2. Failure - Well, one thing is certain. If you don't try, you will never succeed for sure. And if you try, you have a good chance of at least making progress towards your goal. Remember, even the best baseball batters struck out more times than they hit.

3. Loneliness - There are now over seven billion people in the world so you have lots o options. When you reach out to others you will find friends. Try looking for someone who is lonely and you will quickly solve two problems - yours and theirs.

4. Poverty - The formula for financial stability is to spend less than you earn. Plan for the future by developing good habits now. Differentiate between need and want and act accordingly.

5. Disappointment - We are never disappointed unless we have expectations but sometimes our expectations and the efforts of others don't line up. Be realistic. We cannot control other people so it is best to focus on your own goals than to try to set goals or plan outcomes that are dependent on other people. That way, everything that others do is a bonus!

6. Pain - Unfortunately being human means that we will, at times, suffer mental and/or physical pain. Trying to avoid it by self-medicating can often result in even more complex problems. Ignoring it and avoiding medical care does not solve anything. Pain is a way that the body alerts us to the fact that something is wrong and can be positively responded to with a change in lifestyle or appropriate professional intervention.

7. Aging - Well, what's your choice? You are not going to freeze on your next birthday and if you do, then that means that you will miss out on a lot of things. Make a decision that you will not let a number determine your happiness. Choose to age gracefully and with charm.

8. The Unknown - Sometimes we think that we cannot progress because we don't know what lies ahead. We therefore can't make a plan where we will feel that we are in control and that can be scary. Since you were born you have never really known what would happen and you made it this far! Don't try to peak around every corner but instead look at tomorrow as a fun adventure!

In 1933 during his first inaugural address, President Franklin D. Roosevelt stated: "the only thing we have to fear is fear itself". What wisdom!

This week identify the thing that you fear and begin taking positive action to eliminate it from your life.

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From Dr. Linda Hancock, Registered Psychologist and Registered Social Worker

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