Drugs Can Hurt Your Business
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Drugs Can Hurt Your Business

Over the years I have worked with many individuals who use illegal drugs in varying degrees. Often they are deceived into thinking that they enhance their performance but, even if this occurs for short periods of time, there comes a point when the line is crossed and the drugs start to take over.

All we have to do is turn on the television to see how movie stars begin using and end up repeatedly in one rehab program after another. Their fall usually also includes relationship problems and may even take the user into Court where they are sentenced because of specific actions. The initial "benefits" of using drugs had become a slippery slope that lead to loss of all the things that they had most treasured.

Well, it can be the same with prescription drugs, if they are not used as recommended. You see more does not necessarily mean better.

Think about what would happen if you took your favourite vehicle and instead of putting gas and oil into it as recommended by the dealer, you put sugar in the gas tank and ignore doing oil changes as scheduled. It likely wouldn't take very long until you were not able to go anywhere! And, on top of that, engine parts would be damaged,

Well, the same thing can happen with both prescription and non-prescription drugs. You see they change your brain and body chemically and, over time, this can shut you down or actually damage you. But, the human being is not like a vehicle where parts can easily be repair or replaced. As a solo professional, you are the business. When you are damaged, the business is damaged - or may even be shut down to the point that there will not be a future that would allow revenue to flow.

Drugs can cause you and the business to unravel. But the good news is that this doesn't have to happen. At any point, you can decide to make a change and stop the process from moving into a danger zone. You might have to give yourself a good talking to or begin listening to those who care about you in order to break the denial that accompanies addictions and get the professional help that will turn your health, life, and business around.

And, yes, let's talk about "managed use" for a minute. It is extremely difficult, if not impossible to pull this one off. You see, there is a line and knowing how to stay on the healthy side of this is not an easy thing to do. Remember, life is a series of choices. Make good ones!

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