Do You Walk the Walk?

If you were in a restaurant, what beverage would you request? Do you have a favourite drink that you "always" order?

What vehicle do you drive? Is it a North American model? Do you always buy the same make?

How long have you been at your job? Are you loyal to the employer?

What about your neighbourhood, and radio station and preferred brand of clothing? Are you loyal?

When we think about commitment, most people associate the word with relationships. But it is much bigger than that.

Commitment touches almost every area of your life. It includes the sports team that you cheer, your favourite chocolate bar and perhaps even the places that you visit during your annual holidays. Commitment is about loyalty. It usually involves a pledge, promise and and active involvement.

Often, when I am talking with couples, I hear about how each is committed to a long list of things that may include the children, the education system or their employer. Usually they state that they are committed to each - other but actions speak louder than words and they do not act as though this is true.

Commitment is more than words. It requires behaviours that endure over time.

Many couples suffer from broken promises to each other that hold empty words. It is true that seeing is believing. In fact, I suggest to my clients that they never believe what they hear unless the statements are backed up with compatible and supportive behaviours.

What would other people state about your commitment level? What would your children say about this? Or your partner? Do you talk the talk or walk the walk?

When you said "Til death do us part" did you really mean it?

It's never to late to show that you mean what you say.

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