Criticism from Others - The Thing That Stops You from Building a Business
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Criticism from Others - The Thing That Stops You from Building a Business

Everyone has an opinion. But not everyone is qualified or experienced enough to have on that is based on fact or that even makes sense.

All you have to do is listen to a political debate to know that there are so many perspectives it can almost be mind-boggling!

When I was working as a Social Worker, I used to laughingly state "If you have ten Social Workers in a room, you will have eleven opinions - at least!" I'm not trying to pick on Social Workers. You can usually apply this to any group of individuals who are gathered for lively conversation.

The problem is that sometimes people do not keep their opinions to themselves and act as though they know better than you do about your own life and choices. They try to tell you what to do and how to live! They think that they have all the right answers and you are not very bright if you don't listen to them and follow their advice.

Well, that isn't fair. You have a right to make your own choices and live the way you choose - even if it doesn't work out the way you planned it. They say that "experience is something you wished was happening to the other guy".

We all make mistakes and that's what helps as to grow and learn. In fact, if we are willing to take a risk and then use failure as a way to develop skills, we will become stronger and stronger and stronger over the years.

As a businessperson it is important that you are able to do research with an open mind and be able to sort through all the information and advice carefully. But when it comes to a final decision - that responsibility rests with you. You will never be able to please everyone in your life so you need to just make a decision and then commit yourself to reaching the goal that you have set - no matter what other people say.

Just think of all the people who are now famous for their work who were once criticized for being foolish. Do you think we would have airplanes if the Wright brothers had listened to the scoffers? What would Edison or Bell or Washington? What kind of government would we have if the political leaders quit when individuals recommended that they do so?

You can build your business, but you need to focus on the project and not on the ones who tell you that you can't.

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