Criticism - Everyone Has an Opinion
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Criticism - Everyone Has an Opinion

I am Chair of a large provincial organization and every year we have a Conference.

The Executive Assistant who sets up her desk in the lobby of the hotel where the Conference is held states that she spends most of her time listening to complaints from the attendees.

Some state that they are too cold. Within minutes others state that they are too hot. Many state that we are harming the environment by printing materials while others state that it is unprofessional of us to send speaker handouts to them electronically. There are those who want the Conference to be two days in length and others who prefer a one-day event. Some arrive an hour or so before the doors open and others are straggling in throughout the day.

Every year we hand out evaluation forms and some are returned. We receive comments about the speakers and presentations that vary from "excellent" to "not helpful". Some don't like the hotel. Some think the Conference should be in a different city

You see, everyone has an opinion. And this is true in all aspects of life.

As a child, we tend to think that our parents are intelligent and adopt many of their ideas as our own. Then, as we become teens, we tend to value our peer groups as being the conveyors of truth. Romance can cause us to shift our perspective to thinking that our new partner has all the answers.

Sometimes we take on the opinions of friends, neighbours, professors, authors or people who we view as "heroes".

It is really confusing when we believe that there are clear black and white answers to everything. I can remember in my younger years wondering why some people just didn't "get it". Well, some people don't want to "get it" and others think that we are the ones who don't "get it". It's all about perspective.

I am not Roman Catholic but heard a story about how the church canonizes people who they think should be saints. They do this with a hearing where people come to share their memories and express their opinions about whether the person should be granted sainthood. When Mother Theresa died there was a very long lineup of individuals who were there to talk about how wonderful she was and supported the process on her behalf. At the same time, however, there was a lineup of individuals who were there who didn't think she should be a saint.

When I heard this, I just accepted the fact that if people are bad-mouthing Mother Theresa then I am in good company! Let them express their opinions.

There will always be people who think they should tell you how to live, what to do and how to think. Just remember, everyone has an opinion, but you really have to form your own and commit to it in order to lead a healthy and peaceful life. Do what you think is right!

Remember, even some people had a negative opinion regarding the sainthood of Mother Theresa!

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