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No one can really enjoy the beauty of a warm sunny day as much as after experiencing dull, rainy hours.  It is the sane with health.  Usually we wander around not even thinking about our physical well-being, until we have a few days of  illness.

Well the last couple of weeks I have been horribly sick and therefore am now focusing on the blessings of good health with a renewed passion and thankful heart.

It all started with a sore throat and because my week had been busy with clients, I thought perhaps I had just talked too much. I was wrong!   Within hours, a headache had arrived and coughing.  I started to feel week and then the intestinal problems arrived.

I think this month was the first time in over twenty years that I didn’t even feel well enough to write articles for the newspapers.

It has been fourteen days and I am just starting to feel more like myself now.  Here are a few of the things that really helped me and will hopefully help you:


  1. I stayed in bed as much as possible to ensure that I had enough rest to facilitate restoration. The body is amazing and if we will let it, healing can come.   Unfortunately, many people think that they have too many things to do that are more important and don’t give themselves adequate sleep and rest.
  2. Drink plenty of fluids. The body is about 80% water and flushing the system of germs is important. Some professionals also recommend Gatorade as it has electrolytes that will speed healing.
  3. Introduce nutritious food and vitamins that will not overwhelm the system but feed it in a healthy manner.
  4. Prevent the spread. Isolate yourself to ensure that others don’t become infected.
  5. Consider advice of others but be wise. Often well-meaning individuals will provide a list of suggestions and expectations that might not really help.  You can end up doing too many things that counter-act against each other.  Ancient scriptures state that one can even have too many counsellors.
  6. Give thanks for caregivers. My daughter, son-in-law and grandson all dropped off soup, salads and performed small tasks for me.  Friends and family sent texts with prayers and encouragement.
  7. Have patience. We live in a world of instant fixes and sometimes it is difficult to actually wait until healthy arrives  before getting back into routine.  Once infection is gone, time will still be needed to fully regain strength so take it slow for a few weeks to avoid a relapse.
Everyone gets sick but not everyone prevents or attacks it in the best manner.   Of course, the best is to take care of yourself with enough rest, nutrition and wisdom to not get sick in the first place.  But if you do fall under an illness, I hope that these tips will help you with your recovery.
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