Confusing Questions
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Confusing Questions

There have been so many changes in our world this year and I frequently have questions that do not seem to have clear answers.  I wonder if you are also confused about things.

Here are some topics that I have been pondering:

  1. PANDEMIC SEVERITY – I told you previously that I was very ill in January but that was before we started testing for COVID-19, so I really don’t know if I had it. I am confused about why some areas were hit very hard by the number of cases while others were not.  Statistics are being questioned by many because of faulty testing, poor record keeping and the idea that COVID-19 is sometimes used as “cause of death” even when other health conditions were prevalent. I cannot verify rumors that state less than ten percent who get the virus die and that every single person who died had received the flu shot.  Hard to know what the truth is, isn’t it?
  2. POLITICAL RESPONSES – Throughout the world there have been so many different strategies implemented in response to the alarm. Sweden, for example, never did have a lock-down.  Australia, on the other hand, has recently had a second lock-down that has restricted individuals from being out of their houses for more than one hour a day.  Why?
  3. MIXED MESSAGING – I remember in March hearing professionals state that wearing a mask can be harmful for a number of reasons. It can collect germs, increase carbon dioxide intake, and reduce immunity.  Now, many government agencies and organizations are making mask-wearing mandatory even though there aren’t any standards, training or requirements for disposal of the masks that might be germ-infected.  There are different rules for different events.  We are told that we can be infected from one person yet in some places are allowed to have ten people at a wedding, one hundred in a funeral and unlimited numbers for a protest. Does it make sense for a child to wear a mask in the school hallway or bus but not in the classroom?  I’m confused!
  4. MISSING CHILDREN – Over the past couple of years we have all heard news about arrests of pedophiles who have been abducting and using children in rings for sexual purchase by wealthy leaders. It recently shocked me to hear one man state that 22,000 children are “missing” in the world every day, so I turned to the International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children website for statistics.  It quotes the Government of Canada, Canada’s Missing fact sheet which shows 45,288 children go missing in this country every year.  In the United States 460,000 are missing each year.  Other countries are listed, and the numbers are staggering!   Where are all these children?  Some people believe that the pandemic lockdowns are a smoke screen being used to get us out of the way while the rings are being taken down.  Is that a possibility?
  5. FINANCES – Until the 1970s countries used the gold standard so all money was backed by physical metal. President Nixon changed this to the FIAT system which allowed unlimited printing of money.   This resulted in countries going millions of dollars into debt.  There has been a push to return to the gold standard and reset with a Quantum global financial system.  If this is occurring what should we be learning about terms such as “block chain”, “XRP”, cryptocurrency, as well as the value of gold and silver?   Will we be so distracted by the pandemic that this type of change is implemented without notice?
  6. LEADERSHP – It is always confusing to me when individuals who complain about politicians admit that they don’t vote. In Canada, those who show up at the polls usually represent less than half of those who are eligible.  I never vote without doing research and cast my ballet for the person who I feel will be most honest and representative of the area where I live.   I also don’t understand how leaders can get through one ethical problem after another without consequences that other citizens would face for similar behaviours.
  7. WHERE HAS EVERYONE GONE? It seems that there is an epidemic involving the disappearance of familiar faces.  Leaders like King Juan of Spain and Morneau of Canada suddenly left their positions.  Hollywood seems to have collapsed.  Stars have stopped posting on Twitter and their shows have been cancelled.  CEOs of large companies are resigning. Even many of the familiar faces that we have known for years seem to have been altered perhaps by plastic surgery.   Very strange?

I am definitely not a conspirator or trying to cause trouble.   I am just a curious individual who has noticed a lot of changes this year that I don’t really understand.  I like truth and common sense, but many things just don’t make sense anymore.

Time for me to do some more research in my quest for truth.

How about you?

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