Christmas Meaning
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Christmas Meaning

Not everyone likes Christmas.  In fact, some people dread it.  They might have difficult relationships that they want to avoid.  Others may be suffering from ill health or are still grieving the  loss of a loved one.  Those who have been financially stressed might not be able to pay their bills let alone purchase any gifts.

And through it all, we are surrounded by messages that suggest we should be thrilled with the season.

My wish for you is that you will be able to embrace and experience the next weeks in your own unique way.  I wish you:

JOY – The deep feeling that bubbles up when you see a small child laugh.  The thrill that you have when you answer the phone and hear the voice of a friend.  The passion that takes your breath when you sing lustily or dance to a tune that has meaning.  The experience of finding a treasured item that you thought was lost.

LOVE – A contentment that results from being accepted without conditions by just one person.   Knowing that you are humanly flawed but also valuable.  The experience of investing in a project that improves the lives of

PEACE – The absence of chaos.  The silence that occurs when all technological is turned off.  The awe of being all alone in a beautiful outdoor setting.  Knowing that you have done your best even if it wasn’t quite enough.  The giving up of your internal war.

HOPE – Focus on a future that offers a new start.  The idea that change is possible, and skills can be learned.  The knowing that surpasses merely wishing for things to be better.  The promise that is wrapped up in a strange story that involves Bethlehem and a stable.

I learned a long, long time ago that we are never disappointed unless we have expectations!   If we allow ourselves to be caught up by  the lure of purchase goods or the tales of economic uncertainty, we will be disappointed

If we depend on others to make us happy, meet our needs, or match our wish lists, we may be disappointed.

Even if we expect traditions to be enacted as they always have been or new traditions to be adopted, we will likely be disappointed.

Your best Christmas will be the one where you are determined to find and create joy,love, peace and hope for yourself and those around you.

Merry Christmas, everyone (whatever meaning you will attach to that)!

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