Business - Understanding Your Value and Marketing It - Adding Value to Your Practice
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Business - Understanding Your Value and Marketing It - Adding Value to Your Practice

There are a number of ways that you can expand your knowledge, sills and abilities as well as the services which you can offer your clients. Following are five options which you might consider.

1. Certified Substance Abuse Expert (C-SAE) - Any recognized training for assessment and treatment of addictions help the therapist not only to understand issues and appropriate treatment but can also give the therapist an option of expanding their practice to include this work.

2. Certificate in Play Therapy - There are a number of levels that can be completed when learning this area of practice. Of course, those who decide to practice play therapy will need to have an office setting that can accommodate this.

3. Certificate in Hypnosis - Many therapists use clinical hypnosis to help their clients deal with problems that they cannot otherwise remember or to help them relax enough to overcome specific difficulties such as migraines or anxiety.

4. Professional Mediation certification - Mediation differs from therapy in that the goal is to help identify the things which clients can form agreement around. Although there can be resolution of therapeutic issues such as anxiety, the mediator is not focussed on that.

5. Professional Speaking designation - Frequently society is eager to have expert training or motivation from those who have worked as a therapist. Speaking for various organizations can be in the form of workshops or keynote addresses.

The above options are just a very brief look at some of the ways that psychologists can be creative in developing their private practices. Besides offering ethical and competent services, it is important that the professional is able to create an business adventure that is enjoyable.

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