Business - Securing Your Financial Health - Do it Yourself Or Get Someone Else to Do It?

I believe that everyone has a circle and within that circle are a few things that only they can do. When you work within the circle, you do well, feel good and earn a good income. When you are outside of the circle, you tend to get distracted from your purpose. This can result in frustration and financial stress.

Often clients ask me how they can keep up with all the demands in their lives. I find that they are frequently doing things that could be done by someone else - either family members, staff or contracted workers. When you are feeling overwhelmed, it is time to consider the tasks that are facing you and learn to decide whether they need to be done and by whom.

ARE YOU THE ONLY PERSON WHO CAN DO THEM? I am the only person with a license to see clients. I am the only one who can write my books. I am the only one who can stand on stage for a presentation that I have been contracted to do. I can hire someone to do the janitorial work, answer telephones or work at a book table. What are the things that ONLY YOU can do?

DO YOU HAVE THE SKILLS, EQUIPMENT AND TIME TO DEVELOP PROFESSIONAL QUALITY? I can do a newsletter but not to the caliber or in the same amount of time as someone who has expertise in this field. I become frustrated quickly when looking for graphics whereas my son enjoys coming up with appropriate design in seconds. Sometimes you can waste time and end up with inferior results on projects which could be done by someone who is gifted and could do it inexpensively.

IS THIS A ONE-TIME PROJECT OR ONGOING? Many professionals make the mistake of NOT teaching others how to do tedious tasks. They think that it is "easier to do it" themselves. Evaluate the things that you do over and over again that are annoying you. Perhaps teaching someone once or setting up a computer system to streamline the project would be a better investment of your time.

It is easy to become distracted from the work that is billable and helpful to your clients. Perhaps you could list three words that describe the areas where you will focus. Then you will be able to quickly recognize if you are out of your role. Mine are therapist, speaker and writer. What are yours?

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