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As a solo professional, your physical and mental health is vital to your business. You are the only one who can do the work and generate income so poor health will jeopardize everything. But, it works both ways. Business can also jeopardize your health if you aren't careful. I have worked with many individuals over the years who do not protect themselves and lose both their health and their careers.

There are several things that you need to do on a regular basis in order to maintain the health that will allow you to build your business and enjoy your life:

1. SLEEP - One of the most common areas that people neglect is in not getting enough sleep. You need to have a routine that allows eight hours of uninterrupted sleep each night. Ensure that you have a dark and quiet room with comfortable bed and bedding. There is nothing better than feeling rested when it comes to making good decisions. You cannot "catch up" for lost hours and therefore need to ensure that you schedule adequate hours for sleep each night. Do not let things or people distract you from this.

2. DIET - Food is the fuel that fires your brain and body. Just as you wouldn't put sugar in the gas tank of your vehicle and expect it to operate well you shouldn't expect your body to work well if only fueled by an unhealthy diet. Balance your day with small meals that consist of fruit, vegetables, dairy, breads and protein. Make water your first beverage choice. Limit your intake of caffeine, alcohol and sugar. Try packing lunches and snacks so you aren't tempted to make poor choices. If the expression "You are what you eat" is applied to you, what would you be?

3. EXERCISE - How and how often do you move? Are you a regular gym member, runner or belong to a sports team? Keeping active will not only help your body to function well but also improve your mood as endorphins are activated. Even a walk in your neighbourhood can be a positive experience that will enhance your health and become a positive habit.

4. HAVE REGULAR CHECK UPS - Visit your doctor and dentist at least yearly. These professionals will help you to identify any warning signs and help you to make good choices to maintain your health.

5. PROTECT YOUR MENTAL HEALTH - Learn how to reduce and deal with stress. Develop your communication skills. Ensure that you have good boundaries. Schedule positive activities.

My grandpa used to say "If you have your health you can make your wealth". That is true. Your health affects your business but your business also affects your health. The choices you make in each will either help or harm the other. Ensure that your choices are good ones!

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