Business - Satisfying Your Personal and Professional Needs - Enjoying Your Work

Often it is the little things that help you to enjoy your day and your work. Think about the things that will help you to look forward to going to the office. You might consider:

1. The hours that you do best - I am NOT a morning person and many of my clients need evening appointments so I adjust my office hours to accommodate this.

2. The environment - If I am going to spend several hours at the office, I know that I will be comfortable because I have decorated the office to my personal tastes. I also have a fridge, microwave and table so that I can have food and beverages available at all times.

3. Rest periods or breaks - I do better when I have at least 15 minutes between clients. This gives me time to complete the file, visit the bathroom and rest my eyes. I also have an alarm clock which has allowed me at times, to have a short nap on one of my love seats during an open appointment time.

4. Boundaries - I no longer take cases that are stressful for me. There are certain areas of work that I find more enjoyable. I find that it is better to focus on work that you enjoy rather than being worn down by the stress that accompanies certain issues. I choose co-workers, clients and my friends with care.

5. Variety - I enjoy providing therapy for clients but also like to write and speak so have designed my business to include all of these.

If you are not enjoying your work or some aspects of it, you need to be honest with yourself. Write down all the things that drain you and then decide how you might be able to implement changes that will be more satisfying.

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