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In "The Places You'll Go" Dr. Seuss wrote "Life is one great balancing act". There are many demands both at work and at home for everyone so it is important that you learn how to balance them.

I remember a few years ago when a secretary came into my office and plunked herself down on a chair. She said "I know you have problems but every day you come into the office and with a smile say 'Good morning'" No one would ever know there was anything wrong in your life. How do you do it?"

My answer was simple. I said "I learned a long time ago that when I am at work I focus on work and when I am at home I focus on my personal life." That takes discipline.

I continue to practice this strategy. My clients know that when I am with them - I am totally with them. Nothing breaks my concentration or interrupts us. My children and grandchildren know the same thing. I totally focus on them when we are together.

When your attention is divided, you do not do well. You cannot solve problems or resolve issues well unless you can devote all your time and attention to them so you are better to divide things into categories which will be dealt with in a focused manner.

Train your mind to stay in the moment.

Keeping a list of things you need to do will help as you are not straining by trying to remember everything.

When Tiger Woods was interviewed about his exceptional golf ability he stated "I know how to focus better than anyone else". I am sure that he does not take this for granted but instead tries every day to improve in this area.

Learn to focus and give sustained attention to the task that is at hand and you will soon be able to balance your work and home life.

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