Business - Creating a Wonderful Environment - Three Mistakes Employers Make
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Business - Creating a Wonderful Environment - Three Mistakes Employers Make

When you hire staff or sign a contract to work with another professional there are times that things don't go well and, in fact, the relationship might end up in frustration and division. There are three mistakes that employers frequently make which contribute to the problems.

Breaking promises - When you hire someone and offer them salary or contract fees you have made a commitment to them. They are counting on you and trust that you will honour your words. Frequently, I hear of employers who do not follow the agreements or promises they made. They do not pay the amount they owe another person or do not pay it within the timeframe laid out. Sometimes they try to change the terms by lowering commission rates, adding conditions or cancelling benefits. Even something that can seem insignificant to the employer might be a huge breach of trust for the other person. Many of these situations result in legal actions. All of them result in distrust, disrespect, and loss of reputation.

If you want to have dignity and maintain your integrity, do what you have promised.

Making assumptions - When you think that the other person has the knowledge, skills or abilities to do a job and do not explain your expectations, you are setting them and you up for failure. Thinking that you know what the other person is thinking is probably going to result in problems. Assuming that you know how things will turn out can be a form of arrogance. I once heard another person break the word assume into pieces by saying "it makes an ass out of u and me".

If you want to be in touch with people and events, do not make assumptions.

Not communicating - Relationships are build and enhanced through communication. You can share ideas through dialogue or written forms of communication. It is important that there are two sides to a conversation, however, or it is merely a dialogue. Your employee has a perspective, information, and ways that are hidden to you unless to take the time and interest to find out what they are. Your employees and contracted workers are on your side and have much to offer you but they need to know that you value them and want to have a good working relationship with them. They need to know that you are open to hearing what they have to say without rejection or criticism. They cannot read your mind and it is therefore up to you to have conversations with them so that you can both strive towards the same goals.

If you want to have good working relationships with others, you need to develop good two-way communications with them.

Keeping your promises, avoiding assumptions and communicating will help you, your staff and your business so that everyone can enjoy a wonderful adventure together!

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