Business - Creating a Wonderful Environment - Ten Reasons Why People Will Want to Work With You
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Business - Creating a Wonderful Environment - Ten Reasons Why People Will Want to Work With You

We live in a world where many people are unhappy. Some do not like their jobs or trust others. Many are hurt from personal relationship problems. So many are looking for an opportunity to work with someone who will provide a healthy environment and recognize their contributions.

Sometimes the things that seem to be common sense aren't all that common. Following are ten things that people are searching for in their work relationships.

1. Honesty - All we have to do is listen to the latest news reports to know that there is a great deal of dishonesty - even in people and organizations that we thought we could trust. When you tell the truth, people feel safe and secure.

2. Respect - This involves self-respect, respect for others and respect for our world. Those who treat those people and things that are around them well are very attractive.

3. Example - There are very few people who can name their "hero". We all need leaders and people who can be our role-models in how to live well.

4. Integrity - A person who has wholesome and ethical virtues is said to be of good character. Most people want to deal with someone who has trustworthy morals.

5. Appreciation - Two of the rarest words in the English language as "thank you". All of us want to be appreciated for who we are and the work we do.

6. Clear Communication - Relationships and businesses are built when people are able to communicate clearly and honestly. Those who can relay a message or facilitate a dialogue are valued in society.

7. Fairness - Each person has his or her own definition of fairness. John F. Kennedy stated "Life isn't fair". It is therefore very rare for someone to be considered to be fair by their peers. You will have to work at it on an ongoing basis.

8. Attitude - Your approach to life and the positive attitude that you demonstrate to the world is a rare treasure that others want.

9. Productivity - If you are moving forward in your life and developing a prosperous business, others will take interest. Everyone loves a winner.

10. Hope - President Obama built his entire campaign on a foundation that promised hope. We all want to think that things can be better than they are and someone knows how to make that happen.

The above ten things cannot be faked. In fact, they are merely an extension of the personal characteristics and behaviours. People want to work and be around others who have embraced strong morals and developed healthy lifestyles.

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