Business - Constructing Efficient Systems - Technology Should Make Your Life Easier
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Business - Constructing Efficient Systems - Technology Should Make Your Life Easier

Many people are fascinated with technology and invest a great deal of time and money into buying more "toys". This can not only drain the company of capital but also steal hours of time that might otherwise be used to increase income and profits. Technology, when used as a tool to help you can make your life much easier and save a great deal of time and effort.

Consider how the following items might be help you in your business:

Telephone - There are a number of options available when it comes to a telephone. One of my psychologist friends uses only a cellphone with a voice mail to operate a very profitable private practice. This gives him the opportunity to check messages and return calls no matter where he is at the time. I also have a cellphone but usually use it only for calling others. My Assistant uses a cordless phone to schedule all our appointments and I have a telephone with hands-free option in my client office so that telephone conferences with the client in the room are possible. Be very careful about signing up for long distance or cellphone plans as there is a great deal of difference in the costs and terms available. In this case research is a good idea.

You can now get cellphones that have a number of features such as built in cameras and email/internet availability.

Computer - It may seem that desktop computers are "a thing of the past" but I actually like the one that I have in my administration office. It has a large screen which makes everything easy to view. I also don't have to carry it anywhere.

My Assistant uses a laptop for scheduling appointments which she then sends to my desktop for viewing. I also have a laptop that I use at home for projects. Remote control access allows me to view everything on my desktop computer at work from my laptop. This is a wonderful setup which saves me many trips to the office.

When it comes to software, you will likely want a package that offers email, spreadsheet, word processing and bookkeeping. A good coloured Laser printer allows us all the options we need. We have a separate FAX machine that accommodates scanning for thick books but you might consider buying an all-in-one that has everything you need.

Technology that is set up properly with your business needs in mind will save you several hours each week. That allows you to see more clients to build your profit or rest so that you protect your health. The hard part is learning about what is available and then how it can be customized.

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