The Perfect Christmas

Debbie Macomber has been dubbed the "Official Storyteller of Christmas". She is also a number one New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author. "the Perfect Christmas" is a fictional story that is supplemented by a bonus story entitled "Can This Be Christmas" as well as a Christmas interview with the author.

Cassie Beaumont, the main character of "The Perfect Christmas", is thirty-three years of age and single. She has made efforts to find a mate because she truly wants to me married and have children. The internet and blind dates have not worked and so, when her friend tells her about a professional matchmaker, she is interested in finding out more.

There are several things that surprise her about Simon Dodson. First of all, he refuses to find a match for Cassie's friend stating that she is already in love with someone.. Secondly, Simon is very expensive but offers to refund her money if he cannot find the perfect match for her. Thirdly, he is rude and difficult!

Cassie is surprised when Simon does accept her as a client. He tells her that she must complete three tasks before she will meet the man he has chosen for her.

Cassie is determined to meet the man who Simon has told her would be a perfect match and therefore is willing to do the things that Simon requests. It is not easy to stand outside a mall as a bell-ringer who is trying to raise money for charity but Cassie learns about people as she does this. Dressing up as an elf to help Santa Claus is embarrassing but Cassie does what is required. She has never liked her neighbours so, when Simon tells her that she needs to single-handedly cook a full Christmas dinner to serve to them she is hesitant. She does it though and the results pleasantly surprise her.

At the end of this story is a Santa Hat knitting pattern as well as several Christmas recipes.

In "Can This Be Christmas?" a number of strangers who all have specific reasons to travel at Christmas, end up together in a train station due to weather and transportation delays. At first they are angry, sad and feeling very upset about the situation. As hours pass, however, they begin to talk with each other and find that they can create a unique Christmas experience for each other. Their plans for a traditional gathering with friends and family members are replaced with make-do creativity in which they each share what they have. Upset is replaced with peace and strangers soon become friends to the surprise of everyone.

The Christmas Interview with the author focuses on Debbie Macomber's personal memories and thoughts about Christmas. She also reveals her motivation for writing about Christmas.

"The Perfect Christmas" and "Can This be Christmas" are both light fictional reading that offer charming plots and the reminder that despite the traditions we know, different individuals have different perspectives and experiences during the Christmas season.

I enjoyed both of these stories and recommend them.

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