The Language of Letting Go

The Language of Letting Go by Melody Beattie was first published in June 1990 is part of the Hazelden Meditation Series but continues to be one of the books that I most often refer to clients.

Ms. Beattie, who is also the author of other books including "Codependent No More" and "Beyond Codependency", has written a healing and practical inspiration for each day of the year.  She combines life experiences with recovery concepts in a manner that is helpful for anyone who wishes to learn about emotions and strengthen self. 

The Language of Letting Go focuses the reader on issues of daily living and the solutions that result when responsibility for pain and self-care are embraced.  We are able to grow and renew as individuals one step at a time as we absorb the principles which are written in clear and concise language that is coupled with encouraging solutions.

Rather than reading the book from cover to cover, the author provides a paragraph or two which can be quickly read but pondered throughout the day.   No matter what situation you are facing in your life, this book will inspire and lead you to a strong personal space. 

If I had my way, The Language of Letting Go would be part of every home and office library as its whole theme and purpose is to develop character in those who take the few daily minutes to benefit from it.

Most people are looking for ongoing hope and health in their lives.  This book offers it.

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