The Double Comfort Safari Club

Alexander McCall Smith's newest edition for the No. 1 Ladies' Detectives Agency Series has done it again!

He has taken the interesting characters who he introduced in the first book and sent them on more exciting adventures in this one.

Mma Precious Ramotswe, who is the owner of the Botswana Detective Agency shows her wisdom as she helps clients, friends and family members to solve the difficulties in their lives.

Her Assistant, Mma Matusi, experiences a number of emotions including jealousy,fear, pain and worry about her relationship with the fiance who, in this work is injured in a horrible accident and then has an aunt take on the task of caring for him despite the fact that he is an engaged man.

The author weaves tales of the individuals into a cultural view of the beautiful country in Africa that everyone seems to love so much. In his simple but interesting language, he transports the reader to the garden, countryside and kitchen so that we can learn about and enjoy a little of the daily things that are common to this region.

It is interesting to consider how Mma Ramotswe takes the individual problems of those around her into a level that combines common-sense, people skills and wisdom so that everyone involved ends up

What makes this book different from the others is that the two women from the detective agency are hired to find someone who has inherited money from an estate. They don't have the name of the beneficiary or the place of employment but, with the few clues available to them,they head out on an adventure that involves a safari. This journey presents several different experiences for the women and twists to the story line.

I have read books from other series by this author but this set is my favourite. There are times when I am sad and other times when I laugh out loud. The simple concepts and writing style make the series suitable for a wide range of readers.

I highly recommend this series and encourage you to begin reading with the very first one in the series. You will find that it doesn't take long until you are looking for the second and the third and the fourth... In fact, soon you will likely be like me - finished the latest book and looking forward to the next one. The people of Botswana will be your friends!

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