Something Dangerous

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"Something Dangerous" is the second in a fascinating trilogy written by best-selling author, Penny Vincenzi. It continues the tale of the Lytton family introduced in "No Angel" who run a British Publishing House and the people who are prominent in their lives.

The characters are older and all are affected by the war which has both personal nd business effects on them. Lady Olivia continues to play a strong and influential role with the Publishing house and in the lives of all of the other characters. She is respected for her accomplishments but also, at times, resented for the power that she actually holds. Her twin daughters, Adele and Venetia, who have always been presented as very spoiled and immature individuals, fac their own trials and, as they try to build their own families, begin to experience pain and the challenges that lead to maturity.

Their brothers, Kit and Gilles also have strong roles in this book as they each experience their own personal and business trials. The war directly impacts them but in different ways. Gilles finds a previously unknown respect from others through his service whereas Kit ends up blind and quite depressed. It takes both of them a great deal of time to adjust to their situations.

Sebastian, the popular author who has helped Lytton Publishing House to succeed, becomes a single parent and his bitterness about the situation affects his relationship with his only daughter.

One of the most interesting characters is Barty, the young child who was adopted by the Lyttons and although she is told that she is part of the family, the actions of the Lyttons do not always support that. Barty decides to move to the United States to work with the sub-division there in order to avoid the hurts she has experienced in Britain and to build a new life for herself. This decision not only helps her to accomplish these goals but, over time, actually, in a very surprise ending, helps the Lytton family and all of the other characters in the trilogy.

This book takes the reads to several countries including Britain, France, Germany and the United States. It also describes events of World War Two and how they affect the characters in different ways. Some of them lose their loved ones. Others lose their former roles. Still others lose values they previously treasured. But all of them gain new mature perspectives.

The end of this novel is not the end of he story but merely a foundation for the final book entitled "Into Temptation" which takes us into subsequent years for the extended family members.

I truly have loved not only this book but all of the work of Penny Vincenzi. Her stories captivate the reader because the characters are individuals who seem real and the plots include situations that happen in most families. I do recommend "Something Dangerous" but strongly suggest that you read "No Angel" first and then follow the two with "Into Temptation" so that you can enjoy the trilogy in chronological order.

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