Heart Matters

Adrienne Clarkson, the twenty-sixth Governor General of Canada, wrote this memoir in 2006.  It documents not only her own personal story but also serves as a public chronicle of historical and political life from her birth until its writing.

The author was born in Hong Kong as the second of two children.  Despite her young age, she recounts memories of the family escaping from Japanese rule as immigrants to Canada.  Their two-month journey is described in great detail and the reader cannot help but understand how difficult it would be to experience the hardships.  But the trip was only a start of several hurts and difficulties that Ms.Clarkson describes in great detail.  She was not spared from relationship problems associated with mental illness of her mother, divorce and estrangement with her children.

Interlaced with the problems, though are details of the achievements and honours that the author obtained.  As an accomplished broadcaster she became known and respected.  At the same time, she met many prominent figures and develop particular interest in specific groups including aboriginals and the military.

Ms. Clarkson had no idea that the home of the Governor General which was on the same street as the humble home of her childhood, would one day be hers.

"Heart Matters" is not only told with Ms. Clarkson's emotions found within her heart but also associates the physical heart problems which she experienced with the beat that has accompanied her life. 

This book is a good read as it recounts the story of someone who might appear on the outside to have a charmed life as someone who lived with problems similar to those each of us has in the our families.  She rose above them in her high-profile careers and now invites us to share them from her personal perspective.

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From Dr. Linda Hancock, Registered Psychologist and Registered Social Worker

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