Fearless Fourteen

Stephanie Plum has been trying to earn a living as a bounty hunter working on commission from her cousin Vinnie Plum since she was fired from her job as a lingerie purchaser. The problem is that she really isn't very good at it and everyone is worried about her because her actions often result in dangerous situations where her life is at risk.

Since childhood, Stephanie has been attracted to Joe Morelli who is now a police officer in Trenton New Jersey. There are times when he wants commitment and other times when she wants it but so far they have never both wanted it at the same time. As a result, Stephanie sometimes lives with him. At other times she lives in her humble apartment. Sometimes she moves in with her mentor Ranger who runs a security business in more than one country and helps her with difficult bounty hunting cases.

In "Fearless Fourteen" Morelli's cousin Dom has been released from serving a prison term for stealing nine million dollars. The problem is that no one knows who helped him with the robbery and no one has found the nine million. When Stephanie begins investigations she ends up caring for Dom's teenaged nephew because his mother is kidnapped. Then other people from previous books start showing up and moving into Morelli's house and Stephanie becomes somewhat of a caregiver to them all.

Mooner was introduced to us in a previous book in the series. He has a very positive attitude but sees things differently than most people - perhaps because of the years that he spent using drugs.

Lulu, the former prostitute who is supposed to work in Vinnie's office doing filing, often becomes Stephanie's sidekick when there is a Court "Skipper" that they are attempting to apprehend.

Grandma Mazur, who lives with Stephanie's parents is young for her age and always ready for adventure or relationship with what she calls a "hottie". Lula and Grandma, however, can be impulsive and sometimes shoot off their guns or their mouths inappropriately.

When everything fails, Stephanie can always go to the home of her parents for a meal or chance to sleep in the same room that she had growing up. But when she really needs protection, her best hide-out is in Ranger's seven-storey office building. His staff are often told by Ranger to watch out for her and she enjoys the luxury of his private quarters on the top floor. There is danger there also, however, because Stephanie is so attracted to Ranger that she is afraid she will fall under his spell (again).

Janet Evanovich is a master as spinning a tale that will have you laughing out loud one minute and biting your nails the next. Her characters are described so clearly that you almost feel that you have known them all your life.

This is another good read by an excellent author. I think you will enjoy it and look forward to the next one in the series.

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