Eleven On Top

When Stephanie lost her job as a lingerie buyer, she begged her cousin Vinnie to give her a job as a bounty hunter. Because she didn't have any training or experience, she wasn't very good at it. After being threatened, shot at, bombed, attacked by dogs and constantly being hurt, she finally decided that she had enough. It was time to change careers.

First she gets a job at the Button Factory but is fired the first day because she was late for work. Then she applies at Kan Klean Dry Cleaners where she is constantly watched by an older woman who is owner of the business. That career only lasts a couple of days. Next she gets a jo at Cluck-in-a-Bucket but the first day an enemy from her past shows up and the drive-through business is out of business!

Stephanie has been attracted to two men, both who are brave and sexy. Joe Morelli is a Trenton police officer who has been involved with Stephanie since she was a child He lives with Bob the dog and Stephanie sometimes lives with him. Ranger started out as her competent bounty hunter mentor but quickly became a love interest for her. He runs a large business but because he is very private, no one really knows much about him or the operations. Joe and Ranger are competitive and each wants Stephanie to be solely his.

After the series of job failures, Ranger offers Stephanie a job in his security business. But this doesn't make her life any easier. In fact, it increases her confusion about her feelings towards Joe and Ranger.

And all the time, she is trying to avoid being hurt by one of her enemies who appears to have returned from the grave to hurt her.

This novel also includes the characters who were introduced in previous Stephanie Plum novels. Stephanie's parents continue to live a very routine life in their little house in the Burg. Grandma Mazur, the senior who thinks and acts like a rebellious teenager annoys and delights everyone.

At work, Stephanie has support from Connie who is the office manager. The filing clerk, Lulu, who used to work as a prostitute often rides with Stephanie when she is looking for those who have skipped their Court appearances.

Probably the most interesting character, however, is Stephanie. The author has describe her in a manner that doesn't leave anything to the reader's imagination. Stephanie is horrible at looking after herself. She eats cake for breakfast, seldom buys groceries, and takes chances that constantly put her at risk of being hurt or killed.

Besides the danger associated with being daily threatened with death, Stephanie has to think about the details associated with being Maid of Honour for her sister's upcoming wedding. She also is faced with helping Joe who has a broken leg and needs help.

Like all the Stephanie Plum novels, the plot twists and turns in rather unpredictable ways. There is always danger as well as humour.

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