Crazy For You

"Crazy For You" is one of several fiction works written by bestselling author Jennifer Cruise who is a contributor to the New York Times, Publishers Weekly and USA Today besides having written several books.

Quinn McKenzie, the main character in "Crazy For You" is viewed by everyone in the small community as having it all. She is employed as a high school art teacher and is living with one of the other teachers who is very involved in sports programs. Quinn has friends and family who support her and her life is relatively problem free. But it is boring. That is until she is offered a stray dog and decides that she wants it for herself. Her boyfriend, Bill, does not want it, however, and actually makes several attempts to get rid of it - once by taking it to be put down at an animal shelter.

That was a last straw for Quinn who suddenly began to realize that she needed to take a stand for the dog and for herself. She started thinking about all the things that Bill had decided without her support or input and how she had just let him have his way rather than argue with him. Now, the incident with her precious dog led her to the point that she decided to move out of the place that she and Bill had shared and back into her parents' home until she could set up a place of her own.

Quinn turned to her friend, Nick, who was a close friend. He had been married to Quinn's sister but, after their divorce, she moved into another relationship while Nick remained in the community where he and his brother were in partnership in a garage. Nick and Quinn had always been good friends even after the divorce so Quinn turned to Nick for help and together they moved her personal possessions into her parents' house.

This move was a surprise to Bill who really didn't believe that it would be permanent. In fact, he began to think that Quinn would come back to him and that they could get married and have children. The more he thought about this, the more desperate he seemed to become.

Quinn found a house that she wanted to purchase but Bill tried to sabotage the financing. He let her dog out of the yard and then anonymously called animal control stating that it had bitten him. He broke into the house and had a key made.

The longer Quinn stayed away and developed independence, the more desperate that Bill became until she was actually afraid of him - and had reason to be so.

This book is fascinating. The characters are well-developed and the plot is very interesting. In fact, every page draws the reader deeper into the emotional lives of Quinn, Bill, Nick and the events that they are experiencing.

"Crazy for You" offers the reader romance and suspense that could easily be translated into the lives of individuals in any small community.

I highly recommend "Crazy for You"!

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