Attitude Can Hurt Your Business
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Attitude Can Hurt Your Business

Have you ever been treated poorly by an employee of a business and swore never to deal with that business again? Can you think of friends or family members who tell horror stories about the terrible customer service that they had from one staff member in a large organization? Can you still feel the shock and hurt experienced when a company representative was rude or apathetic about your situation?

Attitude is extremely important when it comes to working with people. In fact, businesses are becoming more and more aware of the importance of building good relationships with customers and clients. It's all about relationships.

Sometimes I think that it would be important for businesses to learn about, teach staff and practice good basic manners:

1. Smile and greet people politely.
2. Call each customer by name if you know it or introduce yourself if you don't.
3. Ask how you can help.
4. Listen carefully without interrupting.
5. Provide information that you have.
6. Research for information that you don't have.
7. Make good referrals to another place that can provide products or services that you don't have.
8. Follow up to ensure that the customer's needs were met.
9. Inform management of ways that the business could expand or improve to meet customer needs in the future.
10. Work on areas where you are weak or could expand your knowledge, skills or abilities.

Attitude can be observed in many ways. It can be seen in the way a person dresses and is groomed (or isn't groomed), It is also not only in the words that a person chooses but also in the tone that is used when they are said. Response style is also another tell-tale sign. An employee can respond to a request on a very wide range of choices that include apathy, friendliness, and competence.

I heard an expression many years ago that has had a powerful effect on me for many years. It's not the words you say but the music you play. The music can destroy a customer relationship or build one that will last for years.

When you and your staff have a good attitude that communicates to the customer that you want to help to meet with their needs, your business with grow. If, on the other hand, those who represent your business have an apathetic or negative attitude that communicates to the customer that they are a bother, your business will be hurt.

It is therefore important that you hire and train people who will adopt and demonstrate the attitude that you want your customers to experience.

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