Attention Teens - Doing Chores!
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Attention Teens - Doing Chores!

If you are a teenager and really don't like your family, your school or your life, then I'm thinking about you! Over the next few months I will be writing some articles to help you have a better life. This week, let's focus on chores.

Yes, we all wish we could get out of doing these but imagine what the world would be like if no one cooked, cleaned, took out the garbage or cleaned up after the dog? Yuck!

Here's what I suggest. Time yourself for each of the jobs that you are assigned to do and keep track on a calendar for a week. Ten minutes to empty the dishwasher (every day), thirty to fold laundry (once a week), fifteen minutes to gather and take out the trash (probably three times a week), seven minutes to pick up the dog poop (if you don't leave it until it looks like a sewage collection site).

Once you know the total time it will take for the week divide that time by seven (days). You probably only have about 30 minutes of chores for each day. On next week's calendar write the tasks that you will be able to finish during the time that you have for that day's chores.

Now consider how miserable your parents can be if you don't do the chores. I know some who can nag for up to two hours a day. How annoying!

Okay. Here's how to solve the problem. When you get home from school each day, before you do ANYTHING, get the chores on your calendar done. Keep in mind that you can do them quicker than planned (as long as you don't lower the standards that are expected).

You see you have a choice. Do the chores or listen to the static! (And it's not about competing against your parents to see who "wins". It's about turning of the noise and latching onto some freedom).

The results:

1. You have the rest of the day to yourself.

2. You save up to two hours of nagging that interrupts your life.

3. Your parents won't have anything to nag about when it comes to chores. (BONUS will be that you do them without having been asked.

4. You siblings have nothing to razz you about.

5. Everyone wins!

(Oh, ya, and you can play ball in the backyard without having to worry about stepping in anything!)

Remember, you are the one in control. Let's just get it done!

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