Are You a Doctor Who Is Frustrated Because You Make Great Money But Can't Get Time Away?
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Are You a Doctor Who Is Frustrated Because You Make Great Money But Can't Get Time Away?

There is an old expression that states "Time is money". Sometimes people think that because of this, they need to ignore time off and instead work every waking hour. Over time, however, they might change their minds and think that they would be willing to trade some of that money in order to get a little time to themselves.

You might be one of those professionals who have a great deal of money but are trapped into a work schedule that prevents you from having time off.

Well, nothing in life is unchangeable. In fact, there are things that often need to be changed in order for progress to occur.

Think about what might happen if you were seriously ill - or died. Things would change.

But you need to make sure that you are not thinking in "black or white" terms. It is not a case of working at the level you have been or quitting all together. You might be able to actually develop a creative plan that will allow you to slow down so that you have more time but also have an adequate income.

In order to make positive changes you will need to have a good plan in place. The plan will be based on calculations that you have made which determine how many hours a month you will work to earn your desired income as well as the activities that you prefer to work at in order to earn that income.

You will likely need to also figure out how to let go of the things that you will no longer be doing and put other services or professionals in place to take over.

Perhaps you will even decide to find other revenue streams that you do not have at the present time. Renting out your office, writing a book or selling your practice might be good options for you. You might even decide that you would be willing to do consulting or work in the practices of other physicians while they are on leave or at Conferences.

Before you do anything, however, take time to think about what might be best. Discuss your options with family, your accountant and your lawyer. Consider finding a business coach who can help you to consider all your options and lay out a good plan that will help you to achieve your goals and ultimately enjoy your dreams.

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