All Psyched Up!!!

All Psyched Up!!!


Individuals frequently use expressions that are difficult to explain.  Over the past couple of weeks I have been asking people what is meant by the term "all psyched up".  Often, my question was answered with silence or a comment such as "well, you know".  Some indicated that this describes a positive situation involving excitement, preparedness or being in the right frame of mind.  Others stated that it might be a negative in over-stimulation or anxiety.  Regardless of the definition, being “all psyched up” generally implies a state in which one feels different than usual.


Whether it is to get ready for a first date, Olympic sport or examination, people tend to want to be at their best.  They frequently claim that they want to be "all psyched up" for “it” (whatever it is), -either physically, mentally or emotionally.

Psychologists are problem-solvers.  We are trained and experienced in helping people deal with thoughts, feelings and behaviours with a goal of obtaining optimal health. The first step of the process involves doing an assessment using psychometric testing, interview, and observation and/or consultation techniques.  Once the person’s strengths and weaknesses are identified, the psychologist will work with the client using empirically based interventions to help them reach their career, social or personal goals. 

The Psychologists’ Association of Alberta has chosen "Psychology is for Everybody" as our slogan for 2006.  The goal of this column over the next few months is to encourage individuals, groups, organizations and communities to reach their potential. 

Hopefully, your life will be enhanced as you learn about the wonderful profession in which I practice. 

If you would like to read about a specific topic, please feel free to contact me.  I certainly won’t have all the answers to your questions but I know some really smart people who do and will ask for their help!  We can grow together!

Are you psyched up for this?  I know I am.

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