AGE - The Excuse That Stops You From Building a Business
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AGE - The Excuse That Stops You From Building a Business

Sometimes people talk about how they would like to do certain things but then quickly follow-up with a statement that they are not able to do this because of their age. This seems rather silly as I know many individuals who have had a number of birthdays but are lively, vibrant, positive and open to opportunity. At the same time, others who are the same age present as feeble, dependent, helpless and scared.

This is also true of younger people. If you take two individuals of the same age, you might find that one is mature and responsible while the other is immature and irresponsible.

You see age is merely a number and it therefore cannot be used as a reason to do something or not to do something.

It was only about fifty years ago that the life expectancy was years of age. Now, because of science and self-care practices, the life expectancy is now about three decades longer.

Let's think for a moment about how little age has had to do with some of the examples we can emulate in society.

Shirley Temple was a very young child when she became a star of stage and movies. As a preschooler, her dancing and singing would delight her audiences. In fact, her movies are still being played and sold to audiences who were born decades after they were made.

Tiger Woods was only three years of age when he first appeared on television as a remarkable golfer.

Young men from the Eaton and Sears families built large business dynasties.

Now, let's think about older people who started adventures when many would have thought they should retire. Former President Jimmy Carter's mother was in her seventies when she decided to leave her quiet life to work in the Peace Corps in India. Gene Saunders, "The Colonel" began his fried chicken business when he was a senior. Many over the age of sixty-five enjoy the benefit of being able to receive free university education once they reach pension age and start degree programs at that stage of their lives.

Perhaps you have been using your age (whatever it might be) as a reason or excuse for not beginning the business that you have desired. Well, it's time to re-think that. Your business is waiting for you. It's time to begin.

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