Adversity Builds Strength

There is an old expression that states: “Experience is what you wish was happening to the other guy!”.  None of us like to go through difficult times.

Everyone states they want to enjoy good health but really don’t want to invest the time and energy needed to embrace it.  Finding the motivation to exercise can be an ongoing battle.  We know that going to a gym or taking a long walk when we have been sedentary, will cause sore muscles!  Learning to cook and planning menus will provide good, nutritious meals that actually are less expensive than eating out or ordering food in, but we need to commit to this.

Building good financial health also requires sacrifice and consistency over time.  We cannot ignore bills or spend money on wants when there are needs that are being neglected.   The formula for wealth is simple.   Earn more than you spend!  That might mean longer hours at your job or taking on a second job. 

Communication is one of the most difficult struggles in relationships.  People don’t always say what they mean or say it in a manner than clearly states what they intended.   Personal and business issues often occur because of difficult communications between people.   Words that are fired with emotion can become abuse.  Statements that are not thought through before being delivered can cause hurt for years to come. 

Personal trauma often occurs without notice.  One might have a serious accident, lose a loved one, or be victim to a tragedy such as fire or violence.

World events can also cause an adversity for which we have less control.  Besides two world wars, we have experienced traumatic weather disturbances, pandemics and economic disasters.  At times, unemployment has been rampant and fear for the future has dominated thoughts.

This year, 2020, has threatened the health and security of individuals on every continent.  The risks associated with COVID-19 and lack of vaccine to combat it has led to a lot of worry and confusion.  Unfortunately, we have been receiving mixed messages about how to protect ourselves and others. 

Author Scott Peck began his book “The Road Less Travelled” with the words “Life is difficult”.

His theme is accurate; however, it is not negative.  In fact, Peck argues that once we truly understand and accept this truth, we can transcend. 

We will always be disappointed if we assume that life is supposed to be easy and think that we are entitled to have all our goals and dreams met.  When that is the case, we can easily become “victims”.   When things don’t go the way we want them to, other people are assumed to be “the enemy” even when they aren’t.

On the other hand, the people who have a good attitude and do their best without blaming others for their situation are generally the most content and healthy.  They view problems as challenges and accept the fact that it is up to them to navigate life.

Think of some of the challenges you have overcome in the past.  Did they help you to grow and mature?   Are you proud of the way that you came through the troubles? 

Life is difficult – for everyone!  But no matter what has happened to you, remember that you do have control over how you navigate through it and whether you do it with wisdom, dignity and grace.

Also, remember, other people are watching you.   Are you a good example who will encourage and inspire them as they struggle through their own situation?

Your actions and attitude will give them hope that good things can come from bad times.

Just like going to the gym builds muscles, going through difficulties builds maturity and character.

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