A World of Fools
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A World of Fools

Do you remember the BeeGees?  This musical group consisted of three brothers who began singing together when they were small boys.  Over the years they brought us many, many hits that some of us can sing along with after only hearing the first few bars.

Even though “How Deep Is Your Love” was released in 1977 the words do not seem to be outdated.

“We're living in a world of fools breaking us down when they all should let us be”

So often I hear people say that there isn’t any common sense in the world anymore.  Common sense isn’t common, and it doesn’t make sense to everyone.  We can all think of situations when we felt like we were living in a world of fools and how their attitudes or actions have broken us down.  But just because others are making bad choices doesn’t mean that we should let them negatively affect us.

Why let another person’s reckless driving ruin your day?   Wouldn’t it make more sense just to give up a few words of thanks that you weren’t hit and drive on?

Have you ever been put on hold for a long time and then cut off before having an opportunity to state your case?  Did you sit fuming or instead use the hands-free button and focus on completing a task while you were waiting?

Do you allow yourself to be frustrated by friends or family who think that you should assume their responsibilities or give them money “just because”?   Giving in doesn’t teach them anything and can lead to feelings of resentment.  You have the opportunity instead to make this a “teachable moment” and to set boundaries that not only protect you but give you healthy pride?

Are you upset because you think that certain things in the world aren’t fair?  John F. Kennedy stated, “Life isn’t fair” and then they shot him!  Worrying about injustices, crime or war doesn’t change things and just breaks you down.  Instead focus on things that are inspiring.

Since time began there have always been fools in the world.  Many of them poke at us when we think they should just let us be.  They cannot, however, control our reactions unless we let them.  They don’t make us feel a certain way.  We choose to feel guilty or angry or sad.  They also don’t control our actions or thoughts.  We have the right and ability to think and act in any number of ways and are the only ones who can make the final decision about how we will choose.

The key to good health is to not allow others to break us down.  Each of us has choices about how we will think and feel and act

Remember, when we respond in a manner similar to the fools, we just become one of them.  And this world already has enough fools!  The BeeGees have known that for a long time.

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