A New Month

I always like starting a new month. Each offers four weeks of interesting opportunities that are just waiting for your involvement. April is even more exciting than most months for a number of reasons:

1. Weather - After months of cold and snow, we finally can wear a lighter jacket to go outdoors. Birds are singing and buds in the trees are opening. The sound of gentle rain that encourages growth can be so relaxing. There are more hours of warm sunshine and a fresh smell in the air that signals a transition in the seasons.

2. Accomplishments - College and school terms are nearing an end. Students are able to see how much they have done over the past months and many look expectantly towards graduation ceremonies. Some view Income Tax as a negative but really filing is a way of measuring your progress for the previous year. Taxes feed the goose that lays the golden eggs - building hospitals, roads and schools. Give yourself a pat on the back for your valuable contributions.

3. Activities - Time to think about preparing the garden for planting and the patio for lounging. Greenhouses offer us so many beautiful options that will brighten the months ahead. Spring housecleaning shakes out all the cobwebs and invites fresh air into the house. Children look forward to outdoor recesses with skipping ropes and hopscotch squares. It is also time to think about the outdoor sports like biking and baseball that ended in the fall and can begin again. Opening the summer cottage, preparing the boat and finding the camping equipment are part of the spring fun. And there isn't much better than sharing a meal that was just grilled on the barbecue.

4. Spirituality - Some call it "spring break" and look forward to having a week of planned vacation. Children hunt for chocolate eggs and other treats supposedly left by the Easter bunny. Many individuals use Easter Sunday as a wardrobe transition time when they replace their warm, dark-coloured winter clothing with lighter pastel fabrics. Those of Christian faith recognize Easter as a time of both reflection and celebration. Lilies and daffodils grace church altars while joyful hymns such as "Jesus Christ is Risen Today" are sung with smiling faces. Often the services are followed by family dinners featuring ham, salads and delicious deserts.

Yes, April is filled with hope and the promise of change not only for our surroundings but also for our personal lives. So, it's that time of year when you can review the past months, don a new outfit, polish up your home, and get the tennis racket out of storage. It is also time to examine your belief system and give thanks for the blessings that you have each and every day.

Have a Happy Easter and enjoy the fact that you are standing at the entrance to summer!

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