A House Interrupted

When the author, Maurita Corcoran, the author of this book, got married, she had no idea about how her past or her husband's past would result in pain for both of them and their children.

Maurita was raised by a very busy father and an emotionally distant mother. They lived in a big house and even though their practical needs were met, Mauirta's emotional needs weren't.

When Maurita met Ben, he was a lifeguard. He built a very successful career as a physician. Maurita and Ben became the parents of four children. All of their lives were negatively affected when, after fourteen years together, Ben shocked Maurita with the news that he was a sex addict. Maurita didn't really even know what that meant and, as she learned more about how this had been evidenced in Ben's life with pornography and affairs, she was overwhelmed.

Throughout "A House Interrupted" Mauiita uses the diary that she had written for years to describe the ways that she tried to deal with Ben's illness. Her raw emotions usually interfered with her willingness to get professional help at times. She did not always agree with th advice that she received from her therapist, Harold. And, she was worried about the amount of money that was being spent for the therapy and en's treatment. Their income went down as Ben was away from his practice for long periods of time.

There were times when Maurita hated Ben and never wanted to have him touch her or be near. At other times she felt sorry for him and at still other times felt love from and for him.

Harold and Ben wanted Maurita to go for inpatient treatment and she resisted the idea. When she did go, however, she gained insight and grew as an individual. Throughout it all, however, she had to live each day in the real world that placed financial, parenting and relationship demands on her. She didn't know what to tell other people about the situation.

This book took courage to write. The author shares very painful situations with the reader. For example, she always loved the beach house and welcomed her time there as a healthy retreat. When finances were low, she and Ben had to sell it and this was a blow for Maurita.

The road to healing was very complex for Maurita and Ben. There was much individual work to get done as well as family work. All aspects are told with honesty.

I recommend this for those who are trapped by a sex addiction, working with clients who are suffering or just interested in learning more about sex addiction.

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