3 Tips for Shopping to Build Your Wardrobe
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3 Tips for Shopping to Build Your Wardrobe

Sometimes people go into a store and, because the clerk encourages them, purchases an item of clothing that does not fit into their wardrobe. They go home with less money and something that they might never wear.

You can avoid problems such as this if you adopt the following three rules for building your wardrobe:

  1. Have a clothing plan - It is important that you clearly know your own personal preferences in style and colour and think about the events and activities in which you participate on a regular basis before you ever go to the store. Write out a list of the clothing items that you would like to have in your closet and then check off the ones that you have already. That will prevent you from purchasing another pair of pants when you really needed a coat. Update your list as a shopping preliminary each time you think about buying anything new.
  2. Be careful about the opinions of other people - I usually shop on my own and do not let the clerk influence me inappropriately. It is better to shop with someone who is honest with an opinion that you will respect than with someone you like who will try to be so positive that they aren't honest about how you look in something. When someone states "That looks great" be cautious as it might mean that the person likes the item. What you need to listen for is "You look great" which is your goal.
  3. Pay attention to your instincts - It is true that your first look will tell you if you like something or not. Listen to your gut and do not try to talk yourself into or out of something. If the item feels or looks a little too tight - it likely is. When the material is irritating remember that it will be far worse after several hours of wear. Try things on with the proper undergarments and shoes that you will be inclined to wear with the clothing. Bend over, walk and stretch so that you can identify any problems that you might experience with regular wear. When you get to the till to pay for the clothes and feel that warning niggly, listen to it.

It can be somewhat overwhelming to go into a small or large store that uses professional marketing to catch your eye. You may see many things that you like but it is important to remember that you are there to look for one or two items that you need and want to enhance your wardrobe.

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