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Roses Are Red

Dr. Linda Hancock Holidays Home and Family The Eleventh Year Valentine's Day

As February 14th approaches, we notice that the malls and stores are decorated with red hearts and chubby cherubs. Consumers are encouraged to purchase boxes of candy or bouquets of roses for their lovers. School children prepare cards to send to their friends. Some organizations arrange fancy teas or bake sales to celebrate the occasion. It seems that love is in the air! Not everyone, however, has the same reaction to Valentine's Day. In fact, that are several different ways that you can spend the day: 1. With thankfulness - Do you have someone special in your life with whom...

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Valentine's Day For Singles

Dr. Linda Hancock Holidays Home and Family The Fifth Year Valentine's Day

A few years ago, I had dinner with a couple who had just immigrated to Canada from China. One of the questions that I asked them was to name their favourite holiday. Without hesitation they stated that it was Valentine's Day and then went on to describe the importance of this celebration in China. Apparently from early morning women sit by the window of their offices watching for the florist. Their whole self-esteem is based on whether they receive a bouquet that day. If they do, they feel special and, if not, they are devastated. My next question seemed to...

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