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Steps for Dealing with Procrastination

Dr. Linda Hancock Self Improvement The Eighth Year Time Management

I really love creating but can easily procrastinate when it comes to getting rid of things. One of my least favourite jobs, in fact, is to sort through boxes of old papers, stored items and computer files. Over the past few years, I was studying, teaching, writing books and working full-time so things have really piled up. I completed four degrees at four different universities and taught at three additional ones. Each of them has me on their mailing list. So do a number of organizations where I have memberships or hold executive positions. I've written three books and had...

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Balance Your Time

Dr. Linda Hancock Self Improvement The Seventh Year Time Management

So many of the things that we learn about life come through the example shown by our parents. My father died when he was only 52 years of age and that was several decades ago, but I still think about the lessons that he taught me through his actions. Today I will share some of the things that I learned from dad about how to invest time wisely: Build a career - You don't have to become a workaholic to establish a reputation in the workplace, but you do have to focus on the things that are your responsibility. When...

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Time and Money

Dr. Linda Hancock Self Improvement The Fifth Year Time Management

I once heard a wise older man say "When it comes to time and money - you can't have both. You either have money and no time or time and no money". Well, if you are in your own business that can certainly be true. Whenever I travel, I find that the time away from the office can be refreshing but, I don't have any income while I am gone. When I am at the office, I earn an income but don't have much time for myself. Time and money are a lot alike. They are either working for you...

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Where Do You Invest Your Time?

Dr. Linda Hancock Self Improvement The Fourth Year Time Management

Often, I hear people complain about not having enough time to do certain things. We all have 24 hours a day. If you are willing to be honest about where you are investing your time, you will likely find creative ways to do the things you are now missing. Think about places that might be eating up valuable hours: Television - We are now in the world of 24-hour broadcasting and ongoing news services. The media has a goal of capturing your attention and is therefore good at it. You can feel mesmerized and lose track of time as you...

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Time Management - What Did You Do Before?

Dr. Linda Hancock Self Improvement The Third Year Time Management

Many times, my clients tell me that they don't have time to develop relationships with others. When I ask them to identify the things that "steal" their time, they are often at a loss for words. Others indicate that they don't have time for themselves but just don't know "where the time goes". This week I challenge you to consider what you did before: Computers and email · Driving children to activities replaced walking · You took that new job · Cell phones · Your family purchased a "bigger" house · Emergency rooms were full · Fundraising was required to...

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