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The Psychology of Marketing

Dr. Linda Hancock Marketing Social Media & Web The Ninth Year

My daughter and I are leaving for England in early September. We have therefore been preparing an itinerary and booking accommodations for the trip. Because of the distance, we are using the internet to do much of the research. Some websites are intriguing and capture our attention for a great deal of time. Others offer very little of interest and we cannot find helpful information so leave quickly. Throughout the process I have learned a great deal about internet marketing and customer service that can be implemented by any business:   Web presence - Do not assume that people will find...

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The Facebook Phenomena

Dr. Linda Hancock Social Media & Web The Sixth Year

This week I watched the popular new movie "The Social Network" which tells the story of how a very angry individual who had a fight with his girlfriend decided to get drunk and "get even" with her. He spent a few hours putting together a website that would allow Harvard students to vote for pairs of girls that he displayed on their screens. Within two hours, there were 22,000 hits on the site. This led to an offer for the programmer, named Mark Zuckerberg to develop a website that would allow university students to share their lives with each other....

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The Danger of Using Social Media

Dr. Linda Hancock Social Media & Web The Fifth Year

Do you think you would ever walk into a bar, stand on a table and start shouting out all the details of your life? What about walking up to a complete stranger in the mall and asking if that person would like to be your friend or build a relationship with you? Well, those who use the internet and social media often do things online that they would never do face-to-face or in public. The problem is that when you post things that you think are only for the eyes of friends or family, you forget that there are thousands...

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The Invasion of Social Media into Our Lives

Dr. Linda Hancock Social Media & Web The Fourth Year

Just when you think that you have upgraded your computer and know how to make it work for you, there is something new in technology world. And with it comes a whole new language! Let's just talk for a few minutes about one of the newest social media phenomena called TWITTER. You become involved by signing up for a free account at This allows you to upload a picture of yourself and enter information into your profile. You have to consider what and how much you want to share with the world because once it is on the internet...

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