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Honouring Our Veterans

Dr. Linda Hancock Holidays Home and Family Remembrance Day The Fifteenth Year

Over the years I have had the privilege of working with many Veterans and they have taught me so much about the sacrifices they made for our freedom.   I used to be in awe of the courage that our military displayed in very traumatic situations that I frankly would not have attempted.  More recently, however, I have come to realize that one of the most significant impacts on their lives was the need to adjust several times in order to fulfill their roles. We have likely all heard or seen military recruitment materials that offer an opportunity for those who...

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Are You Truly Free?

Dr. Linda Hancock Holidays Home and Family Remembrance Day The Thirteenth Year

The Oxford Living Dictionary defines freedom as: "The state of not being imprisoned or enslaved". As we near Remembrance Day we often think about military members who risked their own lives with threats of being imprisoned, enslaved or worse so that we could experience freedom from foreign domination or despotic governments. Most return from their tour of duty with haunting memories of what they saw and did. Many have physical problems that are service-related. All of them realize that they have precious missed time with family and friends as well as the "normalcy" of life at home. It is sad...

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How to Remember - November 11th

Dr. Linda Hancock Holidays Home and Family Remembrance Day The Twelfth Year

Memory is an interesting faculty of human life. Often I hear clients express concern about not being able to remember everything or recognizing that their memory isn't working as well as it had in the past. My response is to remind them that we are in an age of information and it is not even possible to remember everything. The Internet allows us to access facts within seconds so learning how to search is a wonderful skill that replaces the need to remember. I don't want to remember everything! For example, I have seen over 7,000 clients and I certainly...

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Thank Them For Their Service

Dr. Linda Hancock Holidays Home and Family Remembrance Day The Eleventh Year

Over the years I have signed contracts to provide therapy for British and Canadian soldiers as well as veterans. Because of this, I have become much more aware of the sacrifices made by the men and women who have fought to obtain and maintain freedom for us. Many service members experience situations that lead to life-long consequences:1. PHYSICAL INJURY - Marching or walking for hours in poor conditions can result in knee and foot problems. Driving tanks can cause ongoing back and hip pain. Traumatic Brain Injury, loss of hearing and serious burns can occur when one is near explosions....

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Victory Remembered

Dr. Linda Hancock Holidays Home and Family Remembrance Day The Tenth Year

The idea began in England in the mind of a scientist named Geoffrey Pyke. He envisioned a small, elite and well-trained commando unit that would be able to fight behind enemy lines in winter conditions. It was 1942 when the United States and Canada accepted the challenge to form, train and command the First Special Services Force (FSSF) which was later nicknamed the "Black Devils". Robert T. Frederick, a young officer who had doubts about the feasibility of being able to create the required special military force was put in charge of the group. His example of never asking any...

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True Peace

Dr. Linda Hancock Holidays Home and Family Remembrance Day The Ninth Year

Every year I write an article for Canada's Remembrance Day which is on November 11th. This time I thought I would write a poem instead: Remembrance Day: a time when weRecall how others fought.Gave up their homes, their health, their livesSo freedom could be bought.(Because we all want peace.) We send our troops to foreign landsAnd hope they'll stop new fightsOr overthrow dictatorshipsSecuring people's rights.(Because we all want peace.) Disasters come and people needSupport in many ways.We send the solders, food and medsTo help them through this phase.(Because we all want peace.) We volunteer for charityAnd give our money tooWith...

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Don't Forget to Remember

Dr. Linda Hancock Holidays Home and Family Remembrance Day The Eighth Year

Often I hear people complain about not being able to remember the way that they expect they should. They seem frustrated, embarrassed and angry about the fact that they forget the things that they think should be automatic or simple to hold onto. For example, walking from one room to another in order to get something and then arriving there only to realize that they cannot remember what they were getting. Or, for the first time, forgetting the birthday of a loved one. Or not being able to remember their own telephone number, middle name or address. The more anxious...

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Remembrance Day: Did You Ever?

Dr. Linda Hancock Holidays Home and Family Remembrance Day The Seventh Year

Did you ever...   run, walk or work out until you ached all over and then start all over again? wake up in the dark and go to bed hours later in the dark? practice and practice and practice to learn one skill? leave your family for months at a time to live and work in a far-off country? think that your boss was a control freak or a micro-manager? wonder at times why you choose your career path? experience cold, hunger and loneliness all at the same time? do what you were told when you didn't understand or agree?...

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Remembrance Day Memories

Dr. Linda Hancock Holidays Home and Family Remembrance Day The Sixth Year

My mother was born in 1921 and therefore was a young adult when World War II began. She often shared memories of her experiences with me. I still have her many photos of young fellows in uniform with their arms around her who were smiling at the camera. She explained that these were friends who had enlisted in the army and were ready to go overseas on what they thought would be an exciting adventure. Many of them never returned home. Mom talked about how devastating this was not only for family members but also for friends and communities. In...

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