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Entitlement in Society

Dr. Linda Hancock News & Society Other News & Society The Eleventh Year

Often I hear people talk about how some individuals think they should be given everything without having to work for it. Parents eager to be friends with their children are sometimes treated as ATMs who are expected to dispense twenty dollar bills without question. Students often think they should get good marks without handing in assignments or showing up for classes. Even some employees think that they can spend their time text messaging friends during work hours instead of doing the tasks assigned to them. It surprises me when new employees tell their managers that they should be promoted to...

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News Trends

Dr. Linda Hancock News & Society Other News & Society The Tenth Year

It is now ten years since I began writing weekly newspaper columns. Things have changed a great deal during that time. Some have predicted that because of technology, newspapers and books are facing an impending death but I don't believe it. I love the feel of having a book in my hands and don't think that I am alone. I also enjoy the newspaper that is left at my door each morning and frequently cut out articles to keep or share with others. I do believe, however, that the newspaper industry is in the process of revitalizing. This week I...

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A King Is Born!

Dr. Linda Hancock News & Society Other News & Society The Eighth Year

Over the past few weeks there has been a great deal of excitement and all eyes have been on Britain as people around the world have waited for Catherine Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, better known as "Kate" to give birth to her first child. The media has been camped outside the doors of the hospital where the child was born for weeks. Millions of people all around the world have waited in anticipation not just for the birth but also for the name of the boy who will one day rule over several countries and influence others. Prince George...

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Is the World Crazzzzier Than Ever?

Dr. Linda Hancock News & Society Other News & Society The Fourth Year

When I turn on the television or read the newspaper, it seems that there is a constant bombardment of negative events from around the world. Today I decided to try to sort the day's top stories into categories and try to determine if these have worsened or if we are just more aware of them: Global economic trends - The past few months have seen what is termed "unprecedented" problems with the stock market which has been on a roller-coaster ride as well as the demise of several large corporations. Businesses that had previously been viable are now turning to...

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Qualified Help Wanted

Dr. Linda Hancock News & Society Other News & Society The First Year

It seems that everywhere we turn there are signs crying "Help Wanted" and apparently this is a province-wide concern. Many of my clients are managers from the construction, business and oil patch industries who are suffering from stress and burnout because of this. They cannot seem to hire enough employees with experience to keep up with the demands. The result, of course, is that companies resort to hiring "warm bodies" to fill positions - a situation they had previously sworn they would never do - as well putting extra stress and workloads on managers and supervisors. The economic law of...

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