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Loving During a Pandemic

Dr. Linda Hancock Holidays Home and Family New Articles Pandemic The Sixteenth Year Valentine's Day

It is almost impossible to stage a traditional Valentine’s Day outing when everyone is locked up or wearing masks and distancing at least six feet apart.   The days of fancy dinners in exotic locations are out of reach.   But that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy and show love if you are willing to be creative and wise. Let’s examine the three psychological aspects of love: Thoughts – So many times I have been touched by individuals who tell me that they have been thinking about me.   What a compliment!   Someone who invests time and energy into reviewing memories or...

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Putting Things in Order

Dr. Linda Hancock Holidays Home and Family New Articles New Years The Sixteenth Year

December is usually a very busy month for me, but this year was probably the craziest yet!  The fact that I have been working from home for nine months meant a lot of changes.   My dining room table has become my office center and each chair has specific filing bins with forms that I use.  Yes, I am from the days of yore when everything has been and still takes a paper format.  New software allows me to see my clients on a secure platform that has expanded the “reach” for all of us.  No more driving, parking or waiting...

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Mary's Story

Dr. Linda Hancock Christmas Holidays Home and Family New Articles Pandemic The Fifteenth Year

We have had quite a year!   No one ever could ever have predicted the way that our whole world would change in a matter of just a few months.   Each of us thinks that our circumstances are so unusual and have never happened before. I have been thinking a lot about Mary, the mother of Jesus, and how she experienced so many parallels to us.  She must have felt similar to how we are feeling.   Ponder this: Shock – Imagine the shock when this teenaged girl found out that she was pregnant and yet hadn’t been with a man. We...

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Honouring Our Veterans

Dr. Linda Hancock Holidays Home and Family New Articles Remembrance Day The Fifteenth Year

Over the years I have had the privilege of working with many Veterans and they have taught me so much about the sacrifices they made for our freedom.   I used to be in awe of the courage that our military displayed in very traumatic situations that I frankly would not have attempted.  More recently, however, I have come to realize that one of the most significant impacts on their lives was the need to adjust several times in order to fulfill their roles. We have likely all heard or seen military recruitment materials that offer an opportunity for those who...

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Noticing Daily Gifts

Dr. Linda Hancock Holidays Home and Family Thanksgiving The Fifteenth Year

  Last Saturday I had a long list of things that needed to be done so got an early start.  I headed to my office to drop off and pick up items that would sum up my week’s work with clients.  There wasn’t anyone in the professional building which offered an interesting silence.    For a couple of hours, I just soaked up the comfort and beauty of the space I had decorated for clients and staff while autographing books and doing some paperwork. Next, I picked up a grocery order that I had placed online and then headed to...

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What Makes Canada Unique?

Dr. Linda Hancock Canada Day Holidays Home and Family The Fifteenth Year

It doesn't seem to matter where you go in the world, Canadians are welcomed. We somehow have developed a reputation as being kind, safe, friendly and helpful. But, unfortunately, not many people even in Canada understand how truly blessed we are to live in this unique country. Canada is:   Large - There are over 3.85 million square miles to visit. We have ten provinces and three territories with three sides that are bordered by water. Beautiful - It doesn't matter whether you like forests, lakes, plains or ice - we've got it all! From the large cities to the...

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Happy Everything!

Dr. Linda Hancock Holidays Home and Family Other Holidays The Fifteenth Year

Shortly after my son moved to Medicine Hat and began working in my private practice, he encouraged me to do some downsizing at the office. I will never forget how shocked he was when he found an envelope in one of the boxes. On the front of it, I had written "Mark's First Haircut". His response was "It can't be. You didn't really save my hair for more than four decades!" Of course, I had! Within minutes we had a pile of "treasures" from his youth including notes he had written in a grade five sex education class and miscellaneous...

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Merry Christmas - Not Necessarily a Good Greeting!

Dr. Linda Hancock Christmas Holidays Home and Family The Fourteenth Year

The Merriam Webster dictionary defines the word "merry" as full of gaiety and high spirits. Unfortunately, that does not describe everyone's experience on any day of the year, let alone at Christmas. There are many during the holiday season who are lonely, sad, or sick. Some face circumstances that involve abuse, addiction or poverty. Many think about unfulfilled wishes or broken promises both given and received. Merry does not describe their situation. The word Christmas usually is referred to as a Christian feast that commemorates the birth of Christ and is honoured as a legal holiday. Not everyone, however, is...

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A New Year With New Goals

Dr. Linda Hancock Holidays Home and Family New Years The Fourteenth Year

January is usually a time for setting goals and unfortunately by February many people find that some of them have been abandoned. The gyms are not as full. The musical instrument may not be practiced as much as planned and the cute little Christmas puppy may not seem as cute when there are puddles on the floor to clean up! There are ways to accomplish the goals though:   Make sure that you really want to accomplish it. Your own passion will drive you whereas another person's idea likely won't have the same effect. Keep it manageable - You will...

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The Month of October

Dr. Linda Hancock Holidays Home and Family Other Holidays The Fourteenth Year

Have you ever wondered about the origin of certain words? This weekend I was thinking about the word "October" and decided to look it up. The Roman calendar only had ten months as January and February were not included at that time. Winter had cycles that were divided into eight-day weeks but not into months until later. At that time, the last four months of the year all ended in "ember" which doesn't seem to have a significant meaning. The prefix for the last four months of September, October, November and December, however, were derived from the Old French words...

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Giving Back Because of Thanks

Dr. Linda Hancock Holidays Home and Family Thanksgiving The Fourteenth Year

When my mom died I "inherited" boxes and boxes of black and white photos. Many of them showed soldiers in uniform with their arms around her. I really don't know who these men were but remember the powerful stories that she told about how many of her friends went off to war and never returned. They were committed to serving our country and seeing other lands but, at the same time, like most youth were naïve about the price they would pay. In fact, many small Saskatchewan towns lost great numbers and cenotaphs with their engraved names were erected in...

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Our Heritage

Dr. Linda Hancock Heritage Day Holidays Home and Family The Fourteenth Year

Even though there are a variety of names in Canada for the first Monday of August, most areas of the country observe it as a public holiday. In Alberta we call it "Heritage Day". There are different ways that people celebrate as well as different ideas about what heritage even means. I like to think of heritage as the investments or gains that we have received because of our past including the following:   Roots - Today I went for blood work and referred to Saskatchewan as "the old country". The lab tech, who is an immigrant, was surprised and...

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Stand On Guard

Dr. Linda Hancock Canada Day Holidays Home and Family The Fourteenth Year

When I was a child, we were taught about patriotism. Every morning at school we would stand erect facing the flag at the front of the room while singing O Canada and God Save the Queen, followed by recitation of the Lord's Prayer. Arms were to be at our sides and posture correct as the lyrics included the line "We stand on guard for Thee". Whenever there was a community event, we would all proudly sing O Canada together. Over the years I have noticed that our national anthem is not used as often as in the past. Frequently, a...

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How to Succeed in Life and the New Year

Dr. Linda Hancock Holidays Home and Family New Years The Thirteenth Year

I have seen more than 8,000 clients over the years that I have been in Medicine Hat. The other day I was thinking about what I would tell every single one of them if I was only allowed one nugget of wisdom to share. After a few minutes of deep thought, I decided that the best advice that I could give anyone is for them to focus on the right things. It is very easy to become distracted by world events and disasters, relationship drama, financial stress, career challenges or addictions. There are also some very simple practices that, if...

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Create Christmas Spirit

Dr. Linda Hancock Christmas Holidays Home and Family The Thirteenth Year

I have learned so much from my family, friends and clients over the years. Many of them have had very good reasons to feel sorry for themselves or bemoan their negative circumstances. Instead, they reached out to others who needed help. Much better than sitting at home, staring at a wall and pouting! We all know the expression "It is better to give than receive" but many either don't practice this or miss out on needs that we have right in our own neighbourhood. One of the things that I have been encouraging people to do this Christmas is to...

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A Movie Christmas

Dr. Linda Hancock Christmas Holidays Home and Family The Thirteenth Year

With all of the available technology today, it is very easy to binge on watching Christmas movies. In fact, some channels are bragging about how many new Christmas movies that they will air this year. It doesn't take long to realize that the template for each is basically the same. 1. Unhappiness - Most of the movies start with characters who are overworked, lonely or experiencing a need that hasn't been filled. Sometimes children seek a parent who has died or left them. Often a romantic relationship breakup has just occurred. Trauma of the past might be the cause for...

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Why Christmas?

Dr. Linda Hancock Christmas Holidays Home and Family The Thirteenth Year

So there are only a few sleeps to go until December 25th. Many of us have areas in our homes that are infiltrated with shiny packages holding large-screen televisions, new clothing and books that we will be giving to others. One last grocery shopping trip will secure the ingredients for the extensive menu that could feed twice as many guests as we expect. We are exhausted from all the Christmas parties, concerts and extras. The car is fueled for travel that leads to the second or third Christmas feast of the season. Everywhere we turn there are decorated venues and...

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Are You Truly Free?

Dr. Linda Hancock Holidays Home and Family Remembrance Day The Thirteenth Year

The Oxford Living Dictionary defines freedom as: "The state of not being imprisoned or enslaved". As we near Remembrance Day we often think about military members who risked their own lives with threats of being imprisoned, enslaved or worse so that we could experience freedom from foreign domination or despotic governments. Most return from their tour of duty with haunting memories of what they saw and did. Many have physical problems that are service-related. All of them realize that they have precious missed time with family and friends as well as the "normalcy" of life at home. It is sad...

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Blessings at Thanksgiving

Dr. Linda Hancock Holidays More from Self Improvement Self Improvement Thanksgiving The Thirteenth Year

It can be very deceiving to think that we need to have a large bank account and fulfillment of all our hopes and dreams in order to be thankful. The greatest blessings usually don't have a price tag. Unfortunately, the things that enrich are lives are often not valued until they we lose them. Alexander Chambers (1759 to 1834) was a Scottish writer who gave up his career in medicine in order to become a journalist. He is credited for a quotation in which he states that there are three grand essentials of happiness: 1. Something to do - We...

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O Canada

Dr. Linda Hancock Canada Day Holidays Home and Family The Thirteenth Year

This year I will be celebrating Canada Day in the Maritimes. Air Canada had a wonderful Mother's Day Seat Sale and I just couldn't resist! Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island is known as the birthplace of Canada. From September 1 to September 9, 1864 meetings were held to discuss the possibility of Confederation. Originally the only ones who were to participate were Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. These three were hoping to have more political and economic independence from England as well as military power considering the American Civil War. Newfoundland and the Province of Canada which consisted...

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Easter Blessings

Dr. Linda Hancock Easter Holidays Home and Family The Thirteenth Year

We are all standing on the threshold of one of the most recognized Christian celebrations of the year. For some people, Easter is merely a long weekend. Schools, on the other hand, usually plan a week-long break for the children. For still others Easter observance spans for several weeks with specific parts including Lent, Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Pentecost. Devoted Christians view Easter as one part of a life-long faith walk. Not everyone who attends church is a Christian and many who are Christian do not attend organized religious services. Reginald Bibby, who is known for research he did...

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Life Is Choices - Choose Thanksgiving

Dr. Linda Hancock Holidays Home and Family Thanksgiving The Twelfth Year

It is so easy to focus on all the things that go wrong in a day or in life. Fall is a season that reminds us to focus on the things that are going right - and to give thanks. The snow comes and with it we may experience dangerous driving, frozen locks, inability to find winter clothing, even flooding when the temperatures vary. But, at the same time, most of us enjoy warm houses, reliable transportation choices, and the promise of spring! Technology is supposed to make life easier but it's rapidly changing advances can leave us with feelings...

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How to Remember - November 11th

Dr. Linda Hancock Holidays Home and Family Remembrance Day The Twelfth Year

Memory is an interesting faculty of human life. Often I hear clients express concern about not being able to remember everything or recognizing that their memory isn't working as well as it had in the past. My response is to remind them that we are in an age of information and it is not even possible to remember everything. The Internet allows us to access facts within seconds so learning how to search is a wonderful skill that replaces the need to remember. I don't want to remember everything! For example, I have seen over 7,000 clients and I certainly...

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O Christmas Tree

Dr. Linda Hancock Christmas Holidays Home and Family The Twelfth Year

I happened to go into a large retail store recently and was absolutely shocked by the extremely long wall that was stocked from floor to ceiling with artificial Christmas trees. Sizes ranged from those suitable for desktops or apartments all the way up to those that were well over nine feet in height. Choices included spruce, pine, fir and even some that appeared to have freshly fallen snow on the branches. Shoppers could choose green, white, silver or even purple. Some trees had lights, fiber optics or optional attachments to hang them upside down from the ceiling. The rows and...

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Life Is Not A Movie

Dr. Linda Hancock Christmas Holidays Home and Family The Twelfth Year

Younger people are shocked when they find out that I was born in the era of "pre-television". I remember the first day that we got the big box that only showed one black and white event at a time with live commercials. O Canada was played at the end of the broadcasting day followed by a test pattern with a soft but steady squeal that could be observed until the following morning. As technology advanced, we wished that we could sit and watch all the holiday shows instead of travelling to visit relatives but there wasn't any way to record...

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