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Act Like a Lady - Think Like a Man

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Even though I have read thousands of books over the years, Act Like a Lady-Think Like a Man is definitely one of my favourites! The honesty and clear writing within make it an enlightening and interesting read as well as an instructional manual for women who want to be in a long-term committed relationship but don't know how to make that happen. The author Steve Harvey and co-author Denene Millner claim that Steve has had hurtful relationships in the past but has learned from them. He is motivated by this and the stories of others who had similar problems as well as...

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Ten Don'ts for Great Relationships

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Sometimes people are doing a lot of things right but are still unhappy in their relationships. Following are ten things that I recommend you DON'T do:   Make Assumptions - Just because you want something doesn't mean that the other person has the same thoughts or wishes. Buying a chainsaw for your wife's birthday might not be a good idea! Tell lies - Trust is difficult to earn and once you have broken it, even more difficult to regain. The truth may get you in trouble but it is better to get it over with, ask forgiveness and keep your reputation for...

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Wanna Hang Out?

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I love working with teenagers - even when I don't understand them. One of the most interesting topics to discuss with teens is dating. I don't think we have the same context. I first stumbled upon this when a young girl said she and another fellow were "going out". Because I was interested, I asked, "Where do you go?" and she gave me the strangest look. She said, "We didn't go anywhere. We just see each other, if you know what I mean". My next question was "Where do you see each other?" and her reply was "On MSN" to...

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