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Crisis Response

Dr. Linda Hancock 16. The Sixteenth Year Communications Communications:Category iStock Writing and Speaking

When I was a child my grandmother would only call us on Sundays because that is when long distance rates were lowest.  My other grandparents had an old phone on the wall that required an operator to make connections.   Things have changed! We went from party lines where four or five families could listen in on each other’s conversations.   It was important to respect unwritten rules to not interrupt for thirty minutes before asking to clear the line so you could make a call. Then came the rotary dial.   When your finger slipped, you had to start over again. Next...

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The Power of Words - Unforgettable

Dr. Linda Hancock 09. The Ninth Year Communications Communications:Category

We laughed about how it sounded like the beginning of a bad joke. A psychologist, therapist and suicide prevention educator headed to Nanaimo for a mental health break. But it was true! Two of my friends and I decided that a week on Vancouver Island would be fun. We didn't realize that this would involve us in lots of adventures. The first was when our airplane got halfway to Calgary and then had to turn back to Medicine Hat. It wasn't necessarily the wisest thing for the pilot to announce that we had lost one engine and all of the...

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Joint Custody with a Jerk

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"Joint Custody with a Jerk: Raising a Child with an Uncooperative Ex" was written in 1996 but offers advice that is timeless. Julie A. Ross is a therapist who has teamed with freelance writer Judy Corcoran to identify the problems that can occur after a separation or divorce and offer solutions to deal with them using effective communication strategies. There are three concepts presented that do not only apply to parents who are or have ended their marital relationship but also for anyone who wants to understand and improve their communication patterns. The first is understanding feelings and how they...

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The Psychology of Technology

Dr. Linda Hancock 01. The First Year Communications Communications:Category

I'm glad we don't have "party lines" in the telephone system anymore. Some of you might remember the protocol of waiting until your rural neighbour had talked for 30 minutes before you interrupted to ask if you could make a call. We would keep lifting the receiver over and over again waiting for our chance! Next came an improved dialing system - and then telephone numbers that had been four digits suddenly were extended by area codes into ten number sequences. How frustrating to get to the seventh turn around the dial only to have your finger slip and have...

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